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Ralph Dudley is a singer/songwriter/music producer and all-around entertainer who began his musical career at an early age. Growing up in Adrian, Michigan, Ralph used his dynamic voice to sing in church and house parties as a teenager. His skills as a drummer and vocalist led to touring with bands in the regional Midwest, sharing the stage with iconic Motown Acts such as the Temptations and the Supremes.  After successfully completing a three- month tour of Asia, with hot Detroit band, Thunder, Ralph was spotted by the legendary Marvin Gaye. Gaye was so impressed with Ralphs drumming that he recommended Ralph to Producer Clarence Paul. Marvin Gaye’s’ recommendation landed Ralph a dream job as a drummer with Motown’s original Funk Brothers, produced by Stevie Wonder.


Ralph Dudley has gone on to win numerous national songwriting awards and appeared in interviews on various television programs discussing songwriting and composing in a variety of genres from R&B and Rock to Latin and Big Band Music.                                                  

Ralph Dudley has now put together a dynamic 11-piece big band that detonates the stage with some spicy, hot music.  This unique mixture of music exemplifies a brand new sound that Ralph Dudley calls, Soulatino.  The big band emphasizes the lightning fast tempos and rhythms of Latin compositions yet is still rich in the textures of the Soul genre. 


In April 2017, Ralph Dudley sold out Spaghettini’s Entertainment Lounge in Seal Beach, CA, with his Soulatino CD Release Party, and followed that up with another sold out performance in June 2017. His performances were covered by media outlets including the online entertainment publication, The Hollywood 360. 


“SouLatino is fusion of R&B, Rock, Latin, and Soul which blends into my concept, a perfect recipe to convey to my listening audience a very dynamic sound. I wanted to take the Latin music, embrace it and take the chance of making it my own… making it something very powerful, conveying it to people to bridge those different ethnicities.  And more importantly, when I sing in English, I am opening the door for my R&B listeners to be exposed to Latin music.” – Ralph Dudley (SouLatino)


Ralph has harnessed his creativity as a singer/songwriter, writing an original tune called, “The Lady with The Star,” a song that praises the Barista’s commitment to their customers.  He is currently in talks with Starbucks, who have expressed an interest in using the composition.


He is also collaborating with up and coming boy-band sensation, “Undecided Future,” as well as writing new material for his own performances.


Rotary Club International has chosen Ralphs inspirational composition, “Save A Life, Save A Soul” to inspire people to help the less fortunate, as well as to inspire and give hope to people with life threatening illnesses.  Some of his original music includes the moving, “My Mother,” which is a tribute to the sacrifice mothers make for their children. In “Black Women Need Love,” “She Brings Me Joy,” and “Women of Beauty,” he gives us a glimpse of his romantic side and beautifully vocalizes his appreciation and respect for all women.


Ralph recently embarked on a life changing trip to Cuba. His experience left him inspired to reach out with humanitarian efforts through his music in helping people impacted by the catastrophic hurricanes and earthquakes.


Ralph Dudley creates and performs with an energy and passion that will launch the “Soulatino” movement across the globe.

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